On the course

Denim or denim-like wear, track suits, trainers, sun tops (ladies), shirts without collar or sleeves (men) and the wearing of trousers inside socks unless they are specifically designed for this purpose (Plus 2’s etc) are not allowed.

In the Clubhouse

The club’s objective is Smart Casual Dress for day to day social use in the clubhouse, whilst keeping in mind traditions of the golf club dress whilst also acknowledging new trends and styles. This list applies mostly but not exclusively to men.

To be positive, the following are encouraged or acceptable:

  • During the day – dry Golf wear that you have just worn on the course in – excluding metal spikes. Be sure that the soft spike golf shoes are free from grass and mud.
  • Tailored trousers, shorts or smart jeans, with no tears or badges.
  • Collared polo shirts, button dress shirts and smart round neck shirts, all tucked into trousers unless specifically designed not to be so
  • Smart casual shoes or lifestyle trainers worn with socks

Discouraged, strongly or otherwise are:

  • Hats apart from Ladies on occasions and specific religious wear.
  • Golf waterproofs
  • Vests and singlets
  • Work-wear, work jeans and work boots
  • Clothing that may cause offence or impinge on the enjoyment of typical members in the opinion of a director, officer or member of staff.
  • Spiked golf shoes or flip flops – sandals are discouraged but not excluded.
  • Cut-off shorts, sports shorts, running shorts are strongly discouraged.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched off or in “silent” mode whilst on the course. Visitors wishing to make an outgoing call must leave the public areas of the clubhouse to do so.