Full Playing Membership

This is available as one of 5/6/7 Day membership.

7 Day Memberships allows access to Course & Clubhouse at all times and to all Club Competitions relevant to a member's Gender and Age.

6 Day Membership offers the same facilities as the 7 Day Membership, but excludes access to the Saturday Competitions. Access for general play is permitted after 4.00 p.m. on a Saturday.

5 Day Membership allows access to the Course from Monday to Friday and to the Clubhouse & Bar at all times of the week.

Associate Membership

18-35 year olds

As a Club we recognise that golf is not a cheap sport, particularly for younger adults.

Our Associate Membership therefore now covers the period from when a golfer leaves our Junior ranks, through to the age of 35.

The subscriptions are graduated incrementally from junior membership until the Age of 30.
Thereafter from 31 to 35 years of Age, Subs are set at 80 % of the Full 7 Day Members rate.
Associate Members may play in the main competitions and take full advantage of the clubhouse facilities.

Other Membership Categories

Community Membership

This Category of membership is available to any existing or New Member  for whom none of the Full Membership Categories (5/6/7 Day) are affordable.
It allows access to the course for 4 days of the week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Sunday and includes provision for playing in any of our Wednesday or Sunday Competitions. Clubhouse access is permitted at all times.The Club via the Professional will also make available to any member in this Category, any equipment (Clubs/Balls) needed to facilitate playing the Course for an annual charge of £20.Those who want to take advantage of this reduced price membership must apply in writing to the Club Secretary, demonstrating that the full cost of membership would not be affordable to them.Country Membership

For members who have their main place of residence in excess of 50 miles from the Club.

It does not include play in any Club competitions. Playing membership of another club as their “home” club is normally a condition of being a country member.

Affiliate Membership

This category of membership is open only to new members who are experienced golfers but who are not members of a golf club or municipal and who wish to hold an official Club handicap.

The category includes management of Handicap, participation in a maximum of 6 weekday competitions and full social membership. The Annual Subscription is £250 per annum. 

Voting Rights

Full voting rights at Club General Meetings apply to all members in the “Full”, “Associate” and “Community” categories.

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